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downwithdairy's Journal

Down With Dairy!
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A food and cooking community for anyone avoiding dairy products.
Welcome! Down with Dairy is a community for anyone who wants to share or acquire information on dairy-free cooking and eating. We post recipes, review products, and answer questions.

This community is home to people from many walks of life. Thus, a few guidelines:

* Please tag your posts carefully and thoroughly.

* Please put a cut-tag on any post that contains mention of animal products or treyf, so our vegan and kosher members know to scroll past.

* Please put a cut-tag on any post that contains more than one image, or an image wider than 300 pixels.

* Please remember that posts here should be about dairy-free foods, not just lactose-free foods. For example, a review of a soy mozzarella that contains milk casein would not be appropriate here.

* Please don't use this community to advocate for a particular diet or lifestyle, and treat other posters with respect even if their reasons for going dairy-free are different from yours.

If you have any questions, please send a message to rosefox, your friendly moderator.